Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weekend Getaway

So, just a couple weeks after coming back to NY from my Christmas vacation, I got an email offering my gal pal, Melissa, and I buddy passes to anywhere JetBlue flies.  Only catch is, they have to be used before January 31.  Game on!  So quickly, the two pale blonds immediately start chatting about tropical destinations and wound up picking Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.  I must admit to having no desire to ever visit PR, but as it would turn out, I might just be visiting time and time again.  The west coast of the island is beautiful and the people are incredibly warm.  It was the perfect early birthday present.  And what better way to escape the concrete jungle than lush green palm trees, expansive fish filled coral reefs, and all the sun my pasty skin could handle!

First stop - something frozen and fruity...we eventually upgraded from an Icee to pina coladas.

Roadside food truck where I got a delicious Cubano sandwich and Melissa got a less than fantastic Jamon, Suiza, and Huevos (my Spanish was just getting started so I apologize for the eggs).
This trip was basically revolving around food - so why the lighthouse?  Well, we saw it when we got lost trying to find the place that we originally parked at, looked at, then decided wasn't where we were supposed to be only to end back at it an hour later...beautiful drive though!
Now, this time we weren't lost so much as just wandering and stumbled upon a beautiful beach all to ourselves.
Reminder, this is in the middle of January!
Melissa has this great ability to make friends while traveling, and this is one of them - Camille, an English Professor and daughter of a Marine Biologist.  She became our personal tour guide taking us to better beaches, great restaurants, and fun town squares all the while being rather informative and entertaining.
Here we are on a restaurant that is built out over the water.  Just a few feet below, the ocean is humming with life.  Meanwhile, on the table, their poor cousins weren't humming much at all.
This was the view for the night.  Not a bad way to end a day!

Just down the road from our hotel was this gem of a building.  Most of it is decorated in brightly painted conch shells.
Wish you were here!

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