Sunday, February 12, 2012

Flying Along

Six weeks have now gone by in this year which means any of my "26" goals should have at least 3 done.  So, I'm ahead in a few (Marathons, Lbs, and Dates), spot on with one (Books), and behind in others (Cultural Events, and Art Projects).  Time to maybe take a date to the Met and draw our favorite paintings - 3 birds, 1 stone.  Or better yet, follow it with a run and then some grub - 5 birds.

Fowl falling from flight - it'll be like a plague!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

3 DOWN...

After finishing 10 miles today, I have run the equivalent of 3 marathons since January 1. More exciting though is that I didn't have to take a single break. I kept such a great stride the entire time. During my first week, even a 4 mile run seemed burdensome and was spotted with much needed walking.

This makes me wonder, how often have I given up on something that at first seemed hard - only it was too soon to even know whether or not I could actually do it?!

It's often said that long distance running is a mental game more than a physical one. And today, I kept putting off even going because I knew my route included a hill - one that I've only ever gone down. Not to mention, it was near the end of my route so I just assumed I'd be all that much more tired. I simply smiled to myself while making my way up it that just moments before I even considered going around and taking the outer streets which were more level. It was totally manageable, and I daresay not even hard.

Part of this mental game is what you say to yourself (not just while running but in life - in case you needed that spelled out). Slowly, I'm starting to be better at recognizing what I'm saying. It's important to just laugh at the mental junk this is hard...I don't want to do the's okay to quit since you'll run again in two days...that hill!...why am I not as fast as that person...I bet they can do the hill...those are great shorts, wonder where he got there a store on the top of that arm feels funny, is that a warning sign of a stroke, no that's a heart attack, wait can an active 26 year old even have a heart attack?!...luckily the hospital is just on the other side of that hill...

It's even more important to fill that mental soundtrack with things that are positive and uplifting you are awesome...that was cake...mmm, can have a piece if you finish in under an can do hard things...killing it...keep it up...those are great shorts, wonder where he got them...yes! arm's stopped hurting, thank heavens...I did it!!!
I'm sure this topic will be breached again, more for my sake than yours, but there's a great book, What to say When you Talk to Your Self which answers how one can be successful in life.
"You will become what you think about most; your success or failure in anything, large or small, will depend on your programming - what you accept from others, and what you say when you talk to yourself...It makes no difference whether we believe it or not. The brain simply believes what you tell it most. And what you tell it about you, it will create. It has no choice."

So, the next time something is challenging, difficult, or simply frustrating, STOP. Take a minute to catch your breath and listen. What are you saying to yourself?


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Short story preview

And with a drop of his gavel -


A voice rings out before the judge even has a chance to say, “Guilty.” And with that, my fate is sealed.

I turn my head briefly only to see my mother collapsed in the arms of two guards escorting her out of the wooden room. “Please, no! Not my baby! You can’t take him!” She cries out breathlessly in between excruciating sobs. “He’s my only son! Why are you doing this? I hate you!” Her thoughts are scattered trying to make sense of it all, lashing out at anyone. At everyone. Just as they pass the threshold, she gets in one last exhausted jab, “I hope you rot in hell,” before completely giving up and going limp giving the burly creatures her entire weight to drag out.

Before I turn back to face the judge, to face my fate, I notice one curler at the nape of her neck she hadn’t taken out that morning. Perhaps she forgot, or most likely her arthritis is getting worse. Either way it’s a simple reminder…

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy New Year

So, perhaps "stop procrastinating" should be at the top of my list of goals seeing as this whole blog is dedicated to the resolutions and changes I am taking on this year, but it's being posted in February.

Anyway...I am here to announce my journey in the year 2012 with goals revolving around the numbers 26 (my age) and 12 (for the year).

I plan to fill this with pictures and anecdotes as I make my way through a rather hearty list of accomplishments. In this, there will surely be some laughs, most likely some blood, and perhaps a couple tears. Who knows, there might even be some romance!

And if you'd like, I invite you along on this adventure as I attempt to make a new man of myself, or rather a better man. (People say I'm pretty great as is, but there's always room for improvement, right? Right!)

With all of that said, I present to you my list of 26 in twenty 12!

- Run the equivalent distance of 26 marathons (681.2 miles)
- Run a marathon - 26.2 miles
- Complete 120 workouts (non-running)
- Gain 26 lbs (up to 196 - preferably in lean muscle)
- Read 26 books
- Write 12 short stories
- Attend 26 cultural events, art museums/exhibits, concerts etc.
- Create 26 art projects or crafts
- Go on 12 adventures
- Volunteer 120 hours
- Raise over $2,600 for charity
- Go on 26 dates
- Save $12,000